jueves, agosto 21, 2014

Godot espera

Godot waits
© Copyright Oscar Grillo 2014

Dalva de Oliveira
Fumando espero [tango]  (1957)
Odeón 14661

Dalva de Oliveira (vcl) acompañada por un sexteto dirigido por Francisco Canaro. Buenos Aires, 3 de Marzo de 1957.

miércoles, agosto 20, 2014

Enzo Futanari

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El renombrado pistonista Italo-Argentino Enzo (Bubber) Futanari, estrella descollante de la agrupacion de Aquiles Rechain y sus muchachos abrillantinados, orquesta exclusiva de "La Hora de la Higiene", programa radial patrocinado por Jabon Federal, el jabon de los roñosos.

The renowned Italo-Argentinean pistonist Enzo (Bubber) Futanari, famous star the Aquiles Rechain and his greasy boys band, exclusive artist of "The corporal hygiene hour", sponsored by Federal Soap, the soap of the filthy people.

Red Hot-Panamerican Jazz 
My cutie's due at two-to-two-to-night  (1927)  Enzo Futanari on C-melody piston [*]

[*] Músico e instrumentos: licencias "poéticas" de Oscar. El editor

Red Hot-Panamerican Jazz: José Goldenstein (tp) … Gagliardi (tb) unknown (cl,as) Orozinho da Souza (cel,as) Adolfo Weiner (cl,ts) Eleuterio Yribarren (vln,ldr) Miguel Angel Massini (p) Pete … (bj) Jorge Fasoli (d). Buenos Aires, 28 de Mayo de 1927

martes, agosto 19, 2014

Too much sax

Too Much Sax... could be bad for your health!
By Sara Marani LONDON, Dec 17

Saxophone players are more likely to die for their art than other musicians, British researchers said on Friday.

The claim, published in the authoritative British Medical Journal (BMJ), shows that among jazz musicians, playing the saxophone is a major health hazard because less blood is able flow to the brain. “Our studies showed that musicians tend to die quite young but especially saxophonists” Dr. Sanjay Kinra, who carried out the research, told Reuters in a telephone interview.

The association between woodwind players, especially saxophonists, and mortality does have a plausible biological explanation, he said.
 “The saxophonists, like other wind instrument players, all use circular breathing -- you fill your lungs and neck with air and you try to breathe in through your mouth and out through your nose,” he explained.
“That's pretty dangerous because you could argue that as they play, especially during long solos, they raise the pressure in the neck region which can slow the blood flow to the brain (cerebrovascular ischaemia) or cause blood clots to form (thrombo-embolism).”

The researchers made a compendium of more than 800 jazz musicians born between 1882 and 1974 looking at life span, the instruments played and whether they played multiple instruments. “Those people playing the saxophone were two and half times more likely to die -- but that's just a pattern, we're not saying it's cause and effect,” Kinra said. 
Musicians who divide their talent between two or more instruments are less at risk, Kinra said, because the time spent circular breathing is less concentrated.
Kinra said “the dangers for saxophonists could be due in part to the lifestyles of jazz musicians, who tend to play in smokey bars and clubs and for long periods at a time.” 
Kinra quoted the words of famous jazz saxophonist Sonny Rollins: “Sometimes when I am in the midst of really good performance, my mind will imperceptibly switch to automatic pilot and I find myself just standing there while the spirit of jazz, as it were, occupies my body... It is a profound spiritual experience.”
“Spiritual experience or cerebrovascular ischaemia, who knows?” jibed Kinra.

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(Lawrence "Bud" Freeman died aged 85)

Bud Freeman and The Four City Seven plus One
The eel (1970)
Philips (Du)6410 120

Bud Freeman and The Four City Seven plus One: Bud Freeman (ts) Bart Dal (tp) Piet Saakes (tb) Daan Wilthagen (cl) Jan Hoeks (ts) Marcel Hendricks (p) Hans Kreyts (g) Jos Bruggeman (b) Jeroen Ophoff (d). Hilvarenbeek, September 28, 1975

lunes, agosto 18, 2014

En el muelle

On the pier
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Bix Beiderbecke [¨"Wolverine Orchestra"]
Big boy  (1924) 
Gennett 5565

Wolverine Orchestra: Bix Beiderbecke (cnt,p) Jimmy Hartwell (cl,as) George Johnson (ts) Dick Voynow (p) Bob Gillette (bj) Min Leibrook (tu) Vic Moore (d). New York, October 8, 1924

domingo, agosto 17, 2014


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Charlie Parker Quintet
Bird feathers  (1947)
Dial 1058

Charlie Parker Quintet:  Miles Davis (tp) Charlie Parker (as) Duke Jordan (p) Tommy Potter (b) Max Roach (d). New York, November 4, 1947

sábado, agosto 16, 2014

La bella durmiente

Sleeping beauty (La belle au bois dormant)
© Copyright Oscar Grillo 2014

The Phil Woods Sextet
A sleepin' bee  (1976)
RCA BGL2-2202

The Phil Woods Sextet: Phil Woods (as) Mike Melillo (p) Harry Leahey (g) Steve Gilmore (b) Bill Goodwin (d) Alirio Lima (perc. not in this track). Live, "The Showboat Lounge", Silver Springs, Maryland, November 1976

jueves, agosto 14, 2014

Gente en espacios confinados

People in confined spaces
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George Russell and his Small Tet
Concerto for Billy the Kid   (1956)
Victor LPM1372

George Russell and his Small Tet: Art Farmer (tp) Hal McKusick (fl,as) Bill Evans (p) Barry Galbraith (g) Milt Hinton (b) Paul Motian (d) George Russell (arr,cond). New York, October 17, 1956

martes, agosto 12, 2014

El muchacho del circo

Circus´ boy
© Copyright Oscar Grillo 2014

Juan D´Arienzo y su Orquesta
La muchacha del circo (1928) [*]
Carlos Dante (vcl)

[*] D'Arienzo en su poca DeCareana (?!) y con un pianista delicado. ¡Realmente curiosa esta grabación!

domingo, agosto 10, 2014


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Música: (video)
Julie London
Bye bye blackbird (1964)

Julie London (vcl) Don Bagley (b). Japan TV show, May 28,1964.

sábado, agosto 09, 2014

Pintor y modelo II

Painter and model II
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Tatiana Nikolayeva
J.S. Bach Goldberg Variations (BWV 988)
Aria with diverse variations 
Hiperion Records CDA66589

Tatiana Nikolayeva (p). Recorded January 22 and 23, 1992.